M.Sc. Computer Science with Specialization in Machine Learning

M Sc Computer Science (Machine Learning) programme shall be a period of two academic years comprising four semesters; each academic year shall be organised into two semesters with a group of courses as given in the curriculum and scheme of examination. The postgraduate programmes shall be under a credit and semester system (CSS). The programme shall be offered with different courses, each with an assigned credit.
Programme Objectives:
1.Comprehend fundamental concepts and hands-on knowledge of state-of-the-art Artificial intelligence methodologies.
2.Design and Build real-world Machine learning systems for complex planning, decision-making and learning, solving application-specific problems, and reasoning about them.
3.Conceive, Design and Develop intelligent multi-modal multi-sensory Man- Machine interfaces.
4.Design, Develop and Deploy Machine learning-based applications using structured and unstructured data (e.g., speech, text, images/videos).
5.Understand and assess the reliability, dependability and trustworthiness of Artificial intelligence-based systems.
6.Design and develop Machine learning applications for resource-constrained environments.
7.Adhere to evolving ethics and privacy laws across various domains and territories.
8.Plan, manage and execute technical projects.

Duration : 2 year

Eligibility/Qualification :Candidates shall be required to possess First class Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/Computer Applications/Electronics/Any other degree in Science with Computer Science or Computer Applications as major components or an equivalent degree recognised by the University of Kerala or a degree recognised as equivalent thereto, and who have secured the following, shall be eligible for the admission:

a)CGPA of 2 or above on a 4-point scale or
b)3.5 or above on a 7-point scale or
c)5 or above on a 10-point scale or
d)50% or above in the case of Bachelor Degrees, which award marks

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